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Unlike conventional healthcare, which typically focuses on addressing illness after it arises, Innerve8 Medical prioritizes enhancing your overall health to proactively reduce the risk of pain and illness.
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Providing medical services since 1998

Most individuals would prefer to maintain good health and prevent illness whenever possible. This is a significant reason behind the growing popularity of our comprehensive medical services.
For some, Innerve8 Medical will guide them back to a sense of well-being that feels comforting and familiar, providing medical care that aids in rediscovering a state of health and vitality that may have been lost over time. For others, this journey may offer a new equilibrium, one they've never before experienced.

Innerve8 Medical

Many individuals are recognizing the value of exploring alternative healthcare options, ones that can help them attain and sustain optimal health. We encourage you to take the time to meet with our experienced medical professionals who are committed to assisting you in achieving your wellness goals. As a valued patient at Innerve8 Medical, we will create a personalized medical treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, employing minimally invasive yet highly effective techniques and services.
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Dr. Waleed Hawa, D.C.

Hello, I am Dr. Waleed Hawa. I am the oldest of four children. My sister, brothers, and I have amazing parents. They instilled many important values in my siblings and I, such as honesty and respect. They also taught us self-confidence, excellent communication and problem solving skills. I grew up in Washington D.C., not many can say that they are native Washingtonians.
After graduating from Potomac High School, I continued my education by attending the University of Maryland, College Park. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Life Sciences and Microbiology with Honors. I really enjoyed my early career as a research scientist. It allowed me to help the medical community from behind the scenes while gaining experience in identifying microorganisms and tracking them in a range of environments, testing samples, developing new medicines, vaccines and other methods to prevent the spread of disease, as well as managing and overseeing laboratory work. However, I soon realized how much I missed direct contact with my fellow Washingtonians. I knew that I wanted to continue helping people. I decided to apply to Chiropractic School. I attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, where I graduated as Valedictorian of my class. I attribute my honor towards my commitment to providing the highest level of patient care.
I relocated to Virginia in 1998 and established Riverside Chiropractic, LLC. I realized that I didn’t just want to be a good chiropractor. I developed a list of the qualities that I thought I should possess.
My list included excellent communication skills, to be detail oriented, to have patience, to be organized, to continue learning state of the art techniques and to be committed to my patients (after all my patients would become my professional family). Through the years, I gained the reputation as one of the most knowledgeable chiropractors in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. My team and I built Riverside Chiropractic LLC with a focus in sports rehabilitation. Our goal was to educate our patients towards total wellness; allowing them to resume their active lifestyles. I have continued to write that vision over and over every year while adding to it. In 2022, I discovered that many of the patients that were trusting me with their overall health and wellness were coming to me asking for more help in medical areas outside of my expertise. I believed it was in the best interest of my patients, my team, and I to develop Innerve8 Medical, a tailored integrative medical practice to include the most advanced technology and solutions available combined with a team of providers that are committed to continued learning and providing high quality care. The approach would look at our patients as a whole person and consider all the details that could contribute to their path of improved overall health and function. Whether they need to heal from an injury, treat pain, or improve their performance, Innerve8 Medical would have a passion for their health utilizing Regenerative Joint injections, Trigger Point Therapy, Nutrition and Wellness, Chiropractic and Physical Rehab to treat the cause of their pain and encourage healing of the injured tissues to keep it from coming back. Through my vision Riverside Chiropractic became Innerve8 Medical.
Though health care is my true passion, I have other interests. I feel it is important to give back to our community. I am extremely active in our surrounding area. I help fund local foundations and donate my time and services to non-profit organizations.

Lina Scheele NP

Lina Scheele is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a Masters of Science in Nursing and over a decade of experience in wellness education and healthcare. She completed her BSN and MSN at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. She is currently a member AANP Pain Management and Orthopedics. Her previous experience includes Urgent Care and Dermatology, as well as health coaching. “My approach to healthcare is treating my patients as a whole; focusing not simply on a patient’s specific physical injury or pain, but evaluating all of the contributing factors. I want my patients to feel that their concerns are heard and that they have a provider who genuinely cares about achieving the best outcomes in their care”. In her spare time, Lina enjoys being with her family outdoors, hiking, camping and traveling.

Denise- Office Manager

Denise began working with Dr. Hawa when her husband was assigned to the Pentagon Air Staff in 2007. She loves the interaction with all the patients and shares in the commitment to their healthcare. She grew up in New Jersey and attended University of Maryland studying Accounting and Finance. She started in 1981 working in banking and held numerous management positions. She has served in the capacity of President and Treasurer of the military spouse clubs. She also volunteered her time to the Town of Hooksett, NH; volunteering as an Election Volunteer, Cemetery Committee and serving on the town's Planning Board. Denise credits a lot of her management skills to her Mom, also a military spouse, on how to keep a household operating. She credits her Dad with her gift of gab.
She identified herself as the "O.O.I.C" ( Only One In Charge ) during the many deployments which spanned over her husband Steve's 30 year United State Air Force career. Denise and Steve married in Tampa, FL when Steve was stationed at MacDill AFB. Steve moved them to Hahn AB, Germany for six years before returning to the United States with their son Chase. Who is now married and lives with his wife Kelly in Alexandria which allows them to enjoy plenty of family dinners and game nights. Their daughter Jordan was born while stationed at Pope AFB, NC. Many of the patients know Jordan who has provided endless stories of adventure since she also worked with Dr. Hawa before she set off on her own military service with the US Marine Corps. Denise and Steve love to take vacations with longtime friends formed through their time in the military

Happy patients reviews about our services

Carolyn Boyd
Carolyn Boyd
Dr Hawa is knowledgeable and encourages active pain management.
Rock Vaughan
Rock Vaughan
It was the same as alway, pleasant, professional and helpful to my health
Beau Phillips
Beau Phillips
Great service. Wonderful people
Amazing doctor, besides hands on, he asked questions, assured me a path to correct my injury… and he is funny! This guy knew more about the musculoskeletal and body as a whole issues than the last place I tried. Staff is helpful. Denise, the hottie office manager was able to make my billing process and explanation easier (She is so very impressive).
Robert Randolph
Robert Randolph
Dr Hawa knows back issues and cares for his patients.
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson
I live visiting Dr. HAWA, from Denise at the front to the whole straightening of limbs done by my favorite chiropractor. Dr. Hawa makes you feel so at ease while snapping you right up. I was away due to an incident at work but when I was allowed to head back to my favorite crack me up guy I headed straight back to Dr. Hawa and I'd refer everyone to him because he's become family
Never went to a chiropractor before. Didn’t know what to expect. The doctor and the staff may be very comfortable. And I am feeling much better.
Carlyle Lowe
Carlyle Lowe
Great care and takes the time to explain everything. I went from barely able to move my neck to being able to run a 50 miler

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If you reside in the Alexandria, VA vicinity and require a medical provider for personal injury recovery, sports rehabilitation, or any spinal adjustment-related concerns, Innerve8 Medical is at your service. Our mission is to assist individuals from all walks of life in achieving a higher level of comfort and well-being. To learn more or to arrange an appointment with our medical team please contact Innerve8.
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