Statement of Rights

Recovering from an injury or managing a chronic condition often requires more than just traditional medical care.
Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Patients/Clients have the Right -

  • To be treated with dignity and respect 
  • To fair treatment, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, age, health status, or source of payment of care 
  • To have the treatment and other patient information kept private. Only by law may records be released without patient permission. 
  • To access care easily and in a timely fashion 
  • To a candid discussion about all treatment choices, regardless of cost or coverage by their benefit plan. ● To share in developing the treatment plan. 
  • To the delivery of services in a culturally competent manner. 
  • To information about the organization, its providers, services and role in the treatment process ● To information about provider work history and training. 
  • To information about clinical guidelines used in providing and managing their care. 
  • To know about advocacy and community groups and prevention services. 
  • To freely file a complaint, grievance, or appeal and to learn how to do so 
  • To know about laws which relate to their Rights and Responsibilities. 
  • To know about their Rights and Responsibilities in the treatment process, and to make recommendations regarding the organizations Rights and Responsibilities policy. 


Patients/Clients have the Responsibility:

  • To treat those giving them care with dignity and respect. 
  • To give providers the information needed in order to provide the best possible care. 
  • To ask providers questions about their care. 
  • To help develop and follow the agreed-upon treatment plan for their care, including the agreed-upon medication plan. 
  • To inform the provider if the treatment plan no longer works for them. 
  • To inform the provider of any medication changes, including medications given to them by others. ● To keep the scheduled appointments or notify as soon as possible if they need to reschedule or cancel the visit(s). 
  • To inform the provider of any changes in insurance coverage. 
  • To inform the provider of any difficulty with paying fees. 
  • Not to take actions which could harm others. 
  • To report fraud and abuse. 
  • To openly report concerns for quality of care. 
  • To inform provider of any changes to their name and contact information (name, address, phone, etc) Patients/Clients have the Right and the Responsibility to understand and develop plans and goals to improve their health. 


I have read and understood Rights and Responsibilities

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